Gain Access to Foreclosure Notification Reporting
  1. Request access and await approval
  2. Link to your myNJ account
  3. Use Foreclosure Notification Reporting

Step 1a. Account Information


Requests for access must be reviewed by an Administrator before system access is granted. Once a request has been reviewed, the requester will be notified of approval or denial via email.

IMPORTANT! – the first account requested for a Lender/Servicer must be for Account Administrator Access. The Account Administrator will manage system access for his or her organization. Organizations may have two Account Administrators.

Please select the appropriate access level (Loan Servicer, State Access, County Access, Municipal Access) and then click on the magnifying glass to select your organization or jurisdiction,

For those requesting Loan Servicer access, if the name of your organization is not listed you may add it by clicking on the “Add New” button.